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LOW PRICE Original Silver Plated Selmer Paris Modele 26 Alto Sax - Serial # 6504

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Our Price: $ 750.00

Product ID: 6504SelmerM26Alto

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This is a sweet old (1927) vintage Selmer Paris Modele 26 alto sax in original silver plate, serial number 6504. This alto is currently in need of a proper overhaul/restoration. We are selling it as-is at a super low price, so whether you are buying it to restore, or if you just want to own a cool piece of Selmer history, you won't break the bank either way.


This alto shows good coverage of its original silver (with gold wash inside the bell), with mostly light wear as seen in the photos. For the most part, the sax is very straight, but there is some fairly serious past dent work in the bottom bow. It took a good hit right on the bow cap. My guess is the cap cracked, because someone at some point filled in some solder in that area. The curve of the bow can still be made to look better, but the cap (being hollow) will never come out quite right unfortunately. That's really the only serious past damage. The sax shows a couple tiny dings here and there otherwise, but all stuff that is easily fixed (or ignored if you like, as it won't affect future play).


Pads are old, and the sax will most definitely need to be repadded if you plan on playing it. Because the silver is tarnished but in excellent shape, the horn can easily be polished up to shine like new. We've sold a handful of these over the years to collectors who just want to clean up the sax and keep it in as-is condition, and this would be a good candidate for that too. The Modele 26 is one of the more rare Selmer Paris horns, as it was only made for 2-3 years, for a total of less than 3500 instruments. Ships in a hard case.