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Like-New CG Conn La Voix II CTS280R Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 50522925

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Product ID: 50522925ConnTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is an excellent option for players looking for a quality step-up horn on a budget. This is the Conn CTS280R, which is virtually identical to the more popular Selmer La Voix II (STS280R). The horns were made in the same factory and only have a different name on the bell. If you've been looking to advance past your student model sax, or if you are a pro on a budget, this tenor will get it done.


This tenor is in pretty much new condition, with no lacquer wear, dents/dings, or repairs. The lacquer is 100% intact and I can't even find any deep scratches. It looks like the horn was play-tested lightly and put away. Even the original factory accessories (mouthpiece and whatnot) are unused. The original case, with lots of storage as well as backpack straps, is also in new shape. The sax will get our full pro set up before shipping, where we'll make sure all pads are properly seated, replaced any factory cork/felt work not up to spec, and optimize spring tensions and key heights throughout.


This tenor plays with a brighter, edgier sound, and leans towards the more modern/contemporary feeling. It takes your air extremely fast/efficiently, without much resistance, and you can move a ton of air through it. A fun horn to play, and at this price, should move quickly.