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Late Vintage Original Silver Plate Buescher True Tone Alto Sax, Serial #220538

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Product ID: 220538BuescherTTAlto

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Buescher True Tone
This is a vintage Buescher True Tone alto saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 220538. The alto is in great shape around the body and does not show any history of having received major past repair. It looks like it did see a reasonable amount of play time and shows some modest play wear. There are just a few places on the body where the silver has worn down to the brass. The original neck with 1 stamp is with the sax and in good condition. A previous repair tech also smoothed down the key pearls which are not mostly flat across. 
These later vintage True Tones from the late 1920's have improved key work in the left hand pinky cluster and are also keyed up to front F. This one is still with the trill G# key as well as all of the original key work and guards. The last person to own this sax had a basic re-pad put on it in another shop. The pad job looks like it is several years old at this point but most of the pads do not look like they have seen a lot of play time and are still pretty supple. It does still have all of the original Buescher snap resonators at this time.
At the moment it is playing down to a low Bb with some leaks and key clicks. If you are wanting to put it into perfect playing condition it would greatly benefit from a professional set up to seal up the leaks and quite the key work down. In order to keep the price of the instrument at a premium we are not going to put any of our shops work on it. But we will give it a play test before shipping. Due to the vintage of this instrument it is not necessarily advisable for use by a starting saxophone student.
Ships out in as is condition with case.