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Late Vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder I Alto Saxophone in Satin Silver Plate - #133518

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Our Price: $ 750.00

Product ID: 133518CGConnNW1SilGldwsh1

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Warm Tone Vintage Alto - Great Price!
Pictured above is a C.G. Conn 1925 New Wonder I alto sax in silver plate with a gold-wash bell, serial number #133518. These saxophones are the precursor to the infamous 'Chu Berry' model and have a few differing features physically as well as sonically. Standard to vintage horns of the era one will find full key work from low Bb to palm F with a front F mechanism for extending your range into the altissimo. Additional features to be aware of, alternate lower stack G# trill key, alternate back-door Eb trill key, a micro tuner neck (working of course), lightweight palm keys utilizing posts as stoppers, split bell keys, and blued-steel springs.
Physically, this saxophone is in need of an overhaul, as the pads are old and will not hold their seal after regular use. The corks and felts are pretty old as well, but for the time being, this horn does play alright.  There has been one resolder under the left hand table keys, but no other evidence of dent removal or body tube damage.
Sonically, you'll find the tone to be focused, warm, and a little less darkness than a Chu. This horn has a big sound, but not as free blowing as a New Wonder II model. The pitch is flexible, and the upper stack can get a little sharp, check yourself with a tuner, and you'll be able to learn this horn's tendencies fairly quickly.
With a full overhaul by a well-trained technician, the quirks of this horn's intonation will be smoothed out, and the key action too! Jazz players looking for a vintage American made horn with a warm tone at an affordable price would find good use out of this New Wonder I.
This horn is being offered in as-is condition with its original case.