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King Marigaux Alto made by SML in Original Gold Lacquer #21064

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Late 60s SML Stencil
Pictured above is a King Marigaux alto saxophone, made by SML, in original gold lacquer with a serial number of #21064. SML is known for producing horns which project well with dark sonic qualities throughout the 1950s until the 1980s in France. 
Unique features that set the King Marigaux apart from other models of the era: 
-An optional G# articulation lever
-A moveable neck receiver, can be repositioned and tightened at any angle preference
-Gold plated springs, resistant toward corrosion!
-Brass brace on the original SML style neck
Aside from these helpful features this horn is keyed from low Bb up to palm F with a front f mechanism, and real mother-of-pearl key touches on the upper and lower stacks.
Sonically the King Marigaux plays with a strong emphasis on the fundamental tone of each note along with a bit of warmth, this one has a bit more focus compared to others. Great for a jazz player seeking a tighter sound with great intonation compared to vintage horns of the era.

This sax has only had a few re-solders, on the neck strap ring and on the Eb key-guard foot, and the body has maintained a great shape over these years. There's a dent on the C# bell key tone hole which will properly addressed while it is in our shop. This saxophone is currently awaiting a professional overhaul in our shop. The overhaul will include necessary body work and a fresh regulation/set-up of the key work along with replacing all pads and materials. Once complete the saxophone will be in perfect playing condition.

This saxophone ships in its original hard wood case.