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Written Insurance Estimate

We can provide written estimates for insurance purposes. It would be best for us to inspect your instrument in person. Please send an email to insurance@saxquest.com to set up an appointment. However, we can do it long distance as well.

In order to process a long distance insurance estimate, we would need several detailed photos of your instrument (body, neck, and case - front and back). Please see the photos of our vintage saxes in the Saxquest store to get an idea of the kind of photos we need. Photos can be sent directly to our physical address below or emailed as .jpg files to insurance@saxquest.com.

We will also ask for your best written description of the condition. This description would include your best assessment of the overall condition of lacquer, any dents or dings or physical damages, any creases in lacquer on the neck, condition of the pads (age and resonator type), and any missing or replaced parts (key guards, posts, key cups, etc...). We would also need to know about any past damages and/or damage repairs (resoldered posts or key guards, pulled dents, beny keys, etc...). Also, please let us know if the instrument has ever been relacquered or if it still in the original finish. Finally, we need to know the serial number. Again, the description can be sent to our physical address below or emailed to us at insurance@saxquest.com.

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