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Ida Maria Grassi 'Professional 2000' Low A Baritone Saxophone in Lacquer, Serial #68065

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Grassi Low A Baritone
This is an Ida Maria Grassi “Professional 2000” Low A baritone saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 68065. Grassi is an Italian manufacturer and the “Professional 2000” is their pro series. This one in particular as most likely manufactured in the early to mid 1990's. The Grassi baritone shows some influences from both French and American manufactures. It is constructed with large key guards for the bell keys, key work from low A to palm F with an elongated tear drop front F key. 
Like a lot of good baritones this one has seen a fair amount of play time in the past and shows some smaller size dings. That being said it is in terrific physical condition over all and does not show any signs of serious past trauma. There is a few areas to note. The top of the U tube for the baritone does show a ding. Its bell to body brace was also slightly pushed in at some point in the past. This saxophone is with the original neck. It has a couple of small dings but has never been pulled down. 
This baritone is currently playing with some leaks on a mix of mostly older pads. Depending on how picky you and your prefered repair tech are you might be able to get by with a major set up and some pads. But  ultimately if you are planning on putting a lot of play time on this baritone it will need to be overhauled before it can be considered in perfect playing condition.
 As our shop is very backed up at this time we are selling this saxophone in as is condition at a much lower price. This instrument features a very crisp and clear sound. It can be played with a lot of power and is a very flexible player. 
Ships in as is condition in a new light weight baritone sax gig case.