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Great Priceon a Conn 26M 'Connqueror' Series Alto Sax - Serial # 269224

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Our Price: $ 2,900.00

Product ID: 269224Conn26MAlto

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This is an early era Conn 26M CONNQUEROR series alto sax, serial number 269224. This is a great opportunity to pick up a 26M at a much lower price than normal. This horn needs some work, but it is playing decently as it sits.


This alto was relacquered awhile back, and the “newer” lacquer shows excellent coverage with little wear of note. The factory original engraving still looks fantastic, evidence of minimal buffing on the bell during the refinishing. The rolled tone holes have been filed on here and there but are still overall in great shape too. As a 26M, this sax has all the bells and whistles from a company producing horns at their peak: rolled tone holes, sterling silver key touches, and a double socket receiver on the neck. The original neck has a unique design of the octave key that I've only see on a handful of 26M horns.


Physically, this alto is very straight. I see no evidence of past dent work, repair, resolders, etc. It is currently padded with an older set of Conn Reso pads with metal resonators. The pads are getting up there in years but the sax is sealing surprisingly well currently. However, key heights are a bit out of whack (I like them open on a Conn, but they are VERY open on this alto), and due to the age of the pads, I would factor in needing a repad before too long.


This 26M plays like a dream, with a big, bold voice and no lack of warmth or character in its tone. Very free blowing and extremely resonant, with a spread sound that hits every corner of the room. Some minor leaking in the bell, but the rest of this sax wails.