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Gorgeous Conn New Wonder C-Melody in Original Silver Plate #85873 - Great Player!

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Product ID: 85873ConnNWICMel

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Amazing Condition for Collectors and Players Alike!
Here we have a beautiful C.G. Conn 'New Wonder' C-Melody in original matte silver plate, gold wash in the bell, serial number #85873. This sax is in exquisite condition and still plays on an older set of pads, we are offering it in as-is condition.
This saxophone was manufactured in two distinct series, the first being 1915-1925, then a second series with different key-work 1925-1931; this is of the former series. It comes with chromatic key-work from low Bb up to palm-F, front-F rocker included if you like to cross into the powerful altissimo this horn provides. The lower stack has key-work for a back-door Eb and a right hand G# trill. There are standard side keys for Bb, C, and high E. The neck has a micro-tuner on it to keep your mouthpiece in the right orientation while you tune up, it turns freely! All the key action is driven by blued-steel needle-springs, most of them have a layer of rust formed, so eventually they will need to be replaced.
This horn was restored at one point, the silver plating and engraving are all original, this sax is looking absolutely beautiful. The set of pads it came to our shop on are a bit old, but they haven't been played on much, so they have a decent amount of life left in them and are sealing enough for some general playing. The neck has no signs of pull down, the body, bow, and bell are in amazing physical condition, no dents to be found. All keyguards are present, showing a little wear on the Eb, no wear is showing anywhere else; this horn has 98% silver plate retained.
This C-Melody has a sweet, warm sonic character, and plays with a very free-blowing feel. The projection across the whole horn is strong. Currently the sax is playing down to a low Bb through some leaks on its currents set of pads. If you are planning on doing a lot of serious playing or performing on this sax it will ultimately need some set up work first.
If you're a player looking for a working C-Melody, this one is a great choice, as they are frequently not in this nice of condition.
We will ship this horn in as-is condition, with its original micro-tuner neck. Sax also includes a nice Babbitt Blank C-melody mouthpiece.