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German Keilwerth-made Selmer Bundy Baritone Saxophone - Serial # 51302

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This is a vintage Keilwerth (Germany) produced Bundy baritone saxophone, serial number 51302. A cut above the Selmer USA-made Bundy horns, these were solid instruments in their day. This example has been around the block though, and in current need of a complete restoration.


This bari has all the looks of a horn that has spent time in the school system. Lots of dents and dings throughout the tube, upper crook, and bottom bow. However, keywork is complete; the only thing missing is the backside clothes guard. The original neck too is included , and is in better shape than most the rest of the horn.


For the majority of people out there, this is not a restoration you'll want to take on if you don't have the right tooling and expertise. It is going to need a full repad/rebuild, with a solid 10+ hours of dent work alone. However, with the time and patience, this bari can be properly restored, and can be made into a good player again. Will ship in a sturdy hard case.