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Gemeinhardt KS Special Solid Silver Alto Flute, Serial #A2745

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Product ID: A2745GemeinAltFL

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Gemeinhardt Flute – Solid Silver
Here we have a great deal, a Gemeinhardt KS Special solid silver alto flute with gold lip plate, serial #A2745. Gemeinhardt is a trusted brand which provides fantastic quality instruments for students and intermediate level players. This flute is no exception, it plays well and is in great condition. We are selling it playing in as is condition in order to keep the price down.
Alto flutes come in a lot of varieties so it's best to mention this one's features. It has full chromatic keywork down to low-C, trill Bb, D, and D# key work. The toneholes are drawn and rolled. This one has a straight head joint, an advantage to this is that your high register has better intonation. In comparison to curved head joints, balance with a straight head joint requires only a short term of "getting used to it". All key cups are plateaued with great regulation, all keys move freely, and their motion is driven by stainless-steel springs.
Sonically, this one has a solid core and plays with a dark character, especially the higher up you play. An intermediate player or even a pit musician looking to add to their arsenal would find this deal appealing. A recording artist might find a lot of applications for the lively breathy texture of an alto flute to layer in their overdubs. Players unfamiliar with transposing flutes should be made aware, the alto flute is centered to a concert G, meaning a C on the instrument will sound a concert G and an F will sound a concert C.
This flute came into our shop playing nicely on an older set of pads. The pads are pretty clean and are sealing good at this time. But as they are already on the older side a re-pad is probably going to be in the near future for this flute (depending on how much play time you plan on putting on it. )
This instrument ships in as-is condition in a black box style carrying case with a blue interior.