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Freshly Restored Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 102236

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Product ID: 102236SelmerM6Tenor

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This is vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 102236. The tenor is in beautiful condition showing off a rich honey tinted original lacquer finish. Its exquisite original lacquer is complemented by the crisp American floral engraving around the bell. All of the original key work, neck and guards are with this saxophone and are also in great shape. The guard feet are also all in great condition and do not show any sign of ever receiving major repair in the past. It should be noted all of the original key pearls are still in pristine condition.


The tenor was most likely played for a short time in its day and then stored in the case for many years. It has been freshly overhauled in our shop by George Bunk and is now in perfect playing condition. The professional overhaul included a dissemble and cleaning followed by precise key fitting and regulation. It now showcases a brand new set of premium leather pro pads, metal domed resonators as well as all new corks and felts. As a player this tenor is absolutely exceptional. It sings with a robust character and a crisp response to air flow. The excellent control and response of the instrument gives the player a lot of flexibility, all while maintaining a ton of color and power. Its key work is smooth and comfortable under the fingers allowing for a smooth and ultra-fluid playing experience.


It is physically in incredible condition showing off over 90% of the original lacquer finish. Looking over the body of the sax closely you can see where a few small dings have been removed around the back of he bow. Its bow cap is in excellent condition and was never pushed in. The outer bell ring shows a wear spot on the top side of the flare. This tenor is with the original neck and matching serial number stamp. It has never been pulled down and is at its true original angle. It does have a small spot below the octave key saddle, where there was a small repair in the past. This spot is hard to see if you are not looking closely.


This is an ultra lush and dark playing Mark VI with the looks to match. Instrument ships out in perfect playing with the original Mark VI hard case in the fresh Saxquest overhaul.