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Factory Mint Selmer Paris Mark VI Soprano Sax w/ High F# - Serial # 251182

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Product ID: 251182MarkVISop


HELP, I Want One!

Here's a horn that has stepped through a time capsule. This is a near-mint mid-1970s vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI soprano sax, serial number 251182. This is a one owner horn, purchased new in 1976 in France by the original owner, who never made real use of it. It is your chance to pick up a factory condition Mark VI in practically unplayed shape.


The photos tell the tale on this beauty. The original lacquer is 99% intact with no major wear of note, even on most of the touch points. The sax had a palm key riser on the Eb palm key when we got it, and the old glue did not easily come off, taking just a bit of the lacquer with it, as seen in the photos. That's really the only real lacquer wear spot on this sax. There are no dents and no previous repairs (resolders) anywhere. Even the original European case is as pretty as you'll find.


This soprano arrived to us on all original factory pads, which are obviously approaching 50 years old at this point. To do it up right, it will be getting a fresh professional overhaul in our repair shop before shipping. We'll replace all pads and material, so that it comes to you playing just like the day it left the factory as a new horn.


Currently playing through some heavy leaks in the bottom end (due to the age of the pads), you can still tell this will be a very resonant horn once our work is completed. I can't wait to give it a whirl when done! A great sax for players and collectors alike, you don't find Mark VI's this nice very often.