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Excellent! TM Custom Baritone Sax – Professional Low A Baritone Sax in Dark Lacquer, Serial #01071

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HELP, I Want One!

Lightly Used – Includes Fresh SQ Set-Up
This is a very sweet TM Custom baritone saxophone, serial number 01071. These saxophones are a product of Tenor Madness from Iowa. This one has been previously owned and played. Aside from some light play wear the instrument is in beautiful condition and has never had any serious past repairs. The body tube, bow, bell, bow cap and bell flare are all in outstanding original condition. There has been no past solder repair performed on this horn. 
These saxophones showcase very comfortable key work from Low A up to high F#. 
The baritone is currently awaiting a fresh cleaning and set-up in the Saxquest shop. While the horn is apart we will also replace any needed key materials and making sure the pads are sealing perfectly. All of the original pads and metal resonators on the horn are in excellent condition and have a tone of life left on them. 
This is one of the most affordable deals on a professional baritone we have had in our shop in sometime. If you are a serious student or a pro, this is a great playing baritone and it can now be purchased at a fantastic price.
Ships out in perfect playing with a professional set up from our shop and the original carrying case.