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Evette & Schaeffer Modele Buffet-Crampon Bb Clarinet With Nickel Keys - #B5878

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Product ID: B5878ESmodBCBbClar

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Intermediate Clarinet - GOOD TO GO
Here we have a freshly overhauled Evette & Schaeffer Modele Buffet Crampon Bb clarinet with nickel plated keys, serial number #B5878. Evette & Schaeffer branded horns from this era, the mid 50s, were intermediate stencils crafted by Malerne; later this line was rebranded under Buffet-Crampon as the E13 in the 1980s.
This clarinet plays great, all the key regulations are smooth, the rings are set at an optimal height, on both joints. All gray felts, corks and pads are brand new, installed by Clarinetquest's own repair technician Audrey Denny. 
The clarinet is in great condition physically, the logo stamps are still deep and crisp, there are light scratches on the lower joint and minor nicks across the body.
The tone of the Evette & Schaeffer is full in the lower register, turning more pure in the 2nd and 3rd registers. The original barrel is a bit short, 64.015 inches, so you will generally need to pull out a bit to get it in tune, once set the clarinet tunes easily with confidence.
This instrument is a solid option for an intermediate level player, or someone picking up the clarinet as a second instrument. It is a great step-up in tone as its body is a higher-quality wood. Since the repair work on this clarinet is already done, we will ship it as is, including an Evette & Schaeffer mouthpiece with ligature and cap, as well as a second, longer barrel, and carrying case.