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Early Vintage SML Rev. A 'Primax' Alto Sax in Silver Plate #1577

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Product ID: 1577SMLRevASilAlto

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Beautiful Condition Dark Player!
Here we have a fairly early 1937 SML Rev. A, Model "Primax", alto saxophone in original silver plate, serial number #1577. The Rev. A was one of the earliest models of the SML(Strasser-Marigaux-Lamaire) brand with left-side bell keys. This alto is playing through a lot of leaks in the lower register, it could use a full overhaul to restore it to perfect playing condition.
Rev. A saxophones are pretty early for SML so they come with a basic set of features for the time. There is full chromatic key-work from low Bb up to palm-F, luckily an aftermarket Yamaha front-f in silver plate has been added. There is no chromatic F# for the right hand, interestingly. All the key touches are real mother-of-pearl.
This sax plays dark and focused with a free-blowing feel. Its sound is rustic and reminds me of many french-made saxes. Intonation seems solid, but it's hard to tell as the whole horn could use a re-pad and the neck octave key has a bind in it. After a skilled tech gives this horn the full overhaul it needs, it should play in tune but keep in mind it's a horn from 1937 so you'll need to get used to its response and feel to hone the intonation completely.
Physically this horn is immaculate, the silver plating is showing a bit of wear on key guards and key touches, but is clear with no dents showing on the bell, bow, and body tube. The neck has no pulldown, and hardly any wear as well.
We will ship this sax in as-is condition with the original neck, all in a black leather, hardwood box-style carrying case.