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Early Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VII Tenor Saxophone, Serial #242349

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1975 Vintage Mark VII Tenor
This is a fabulous Selmer Paris Mark VII tenor saxophone, serial number 242349. 1975 was the first year of production for these horns. The earliest examples can be recognized by their smaller key touches on the right hand pinky table. (low Eb and C touches) This particular horn has seen a fair amount of use in the past but it is still in excellent condition. There is a normal amount of cosmetic wear to the finish as well as some past solder repair to the low Eb key Guard. The saxophone does come with the original Mark VII neck. This neck is in good condition and has never been pulled down in the past. 
As a player this Mark VII is an extremely flexible instrument. It showcases a colorful sound with a rich and open quality. In comparison to many of the later Mark VII’s we have had in our shop this one is very free blowing and features a deep and complex sonic character. The key work is smooth and fluid under the fingers. 
This saxophone came into our shop playing on an older set up of Valentino leather pads and brown nylon resonators. It is currently in need of some general service work and a good cleaning. As such it is  awaiting a professional set up in our shop. The set up work will include a disassembly and cleaning of the instrument followed by a precise key regulation. While the horn is apart on the bench we will also replace any needed pads and materials to ensure the horn is playing to its full potential. 
If you are someone really into the Mark VII’s the smaller table keys on these early models can be very appealing. But for most of us a good Mark VII like this one is an ideal way to get into a superb playing Selmer at an extremely reasonable price. These tenors are a fantastic option for the professional in need of a flexible horn for use in a wide variety of musical settings
Ships out in perfect playing condition with a fresh Saxquest set-up and contoured case.