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Early Vintage Martin Handcraft Tenor in Gorgeous Original Gold Plate #44816

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Vibrant and Bright - Early American Delight
Pictured above is an early vintage Martin Handcraft tenor sax in gold plate, serial #44816. This horn is in great condition physically, but is playing with leaks on an older set of pads. The serial number dates this horn to about 1925.
These horns are equipped with chromatic key-work from low Bb in the bell keys all the way up to palm F. In the lower stack you will find an alternate G# trill key as well as a back door Eb mechanism that works but is corked shut. This is a common modification often seen on horns for efficiency. All keys are driven by blued-steel needle or flat springs.
The body of the saxophone is in excellent condition, and it has a clean look, showing off the original gold plate and crisp engraving. There is some modest play wear to the plating around the major touchpoints. Looking over the body of the sax very carefully, it has one past solder repair on one of the key guard feet of the low B key guard. This tenor is with the original neck. It has a solder repair to the octave key saddle as well the neck support brace.
This saxophone looks like someone did a basic pad job on it some time ago and has not played it much in recent years. The pads and materials are already starting to show some age, but do not look like they have seen much use. In all honesty, the quality of the work is not all that great and many of the pads are not sealing properly. That being said, the horn is currently playing through leaks and a number of key clicks. If you are planning on doing a lot of playing on this horn, it is ultimately going to need to be professionally serviced and set-up first.
Sonically, these Martin 'Handcraft' models play with a rich harmonic texture, powered by a free blowing nature, a tinge of brilliance oozes through every note like the fat on a finely smoked tenderloin. Again, this one is currently playing through a few leaks, so it's hard to pinpoint the nuances this one may possess compared to other handcrafts, but the gold seems to really enrich this horn. Intonation is pretty solid on this almost 100 year old horn when put up against the tonal energy app and an Otto Link HR copy.
If you are looking for a great deal on a slammin' horn, look no further. If you need a flashy horn to cut over the top of an arrogant guitarist's amp, look no further. This horn ships in as-is playing condition with its original neck and a structurally sturdy, brown Martin hardwood case.