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Early Vintage Evette and Schaeffer Alto Sax in Gold Lacquer #28084

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Product ID: 28084EvetteSchAlto

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A Piece of Saxophone History for a Bargain!
Here we have an early vintage Evette and Schaeffer alto saxophone, made by Buffet, in gold lacquer, serial number #28084. This saxophone dates back to 1925, but the run of the model actually straddled the 19th and 20th centuries, it has very old materials on it and does not play currently.
Although the horn does not play, we can still say a few things about it. Manufactured in the heart of Paris, France, this saxophone has an engraving only showing the brand, the model, and the address of the maker '20 Pass. du Grand Cerf'. 
The keywork covers low Bb up to palm F, front-F mechanism included. Normal side keys for Bb, C, F#, and high-E in the right hand. The upper and lower stacks utilize single-post construction, the toneholes are soldered on. The key touches are simple casted brass. The pinky keys have hard rubber rollers, which have seized on the left-hand pinky table keys. The upper stack seems to have a bind in it for all but the A key. The double G key is interesting to note, it uses two tone holes at once. A lot of the blued-steel needle-springs are in rough condition and are rusted. Some screws and rods will need to be replaced.
The lacquer on the body is showing some light scratches, throughout, the bow has been dented at some point, originally this horn was raw-brass and this lacquer was added at a later date. The bow, bell, and body seem to be in good condition currently. All the key-guards are present, there is no screw-in marching lyre included. A skilled repair tech should be able to straighten the rods and keys out, replace all the corks, pads, and felts, and get this horn playing again after.
It's hard to say how this saxophone sounds as it's leaking out of the neck and palm keys. Generally, horns from the 19th and early 20th century sounded more narrow and sweet compared to modern horns, but this one doesn't play.
We will ship this horn as-is with its original neck, it will be in a box-style hard wood case with a plush purple interior.