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Early Vintage Buescher True-Tone Alto in Frosted-Silver Plate #64940

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Product ID: 64940BuescherTTAltSil

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Fantastic Restored Frosty Beauty
Here we have a gorgeous early-vintage Buescher True-Tone alto saxophone in silver plate, serial number #64940. This alto is playing through some leaks on an older setup, we are going to sell it in as-is condition.
The Buescher True-Tone was one of the most prolificly manufactured alto saxophones of the early part of the 20th century. It comes with full chromatic key-work from low Bb up to palm F, there is no front-F rocker on this horn. There is a trill G# and back-door Eb trill options in the lower stack. 
The frosted silver finish is a replate that raises this True-Tone to a new level of beauty. The burnished areas give the engraving the illusion of actually popping out of the sax! The gold plating in the bell harkens back to the way these horns were initially when they came out, a preservation and elevation of its original look historically.
The pads are a mix of a few sets, and they are sealing well enough to perform on. None of the original snap-in resonators remain, this horn has brown and black plastic resonators top to bottom.
If you're a collector, this horn might intrigue you, players might find it more interesting since it's hard to find True-Tones from this early in any respectable condition. The bell, bow, and body tube have no dents, the neck has a few indentations but not deep at all. If there are re-solders it's pretty hard to find any evidence of it, all the blued-steel needle-springs are in decent condition, although a lot of them have had their blueing stripped.
Sonically, the True-Tones play with a spread, sweet, semi-bright character with a free-blowing feel. This one takes your air with ease and fills the room with a lush sound. Wide Vibratos come with ease on a horn this free-blowing, you just need to relax your embouchure and resist biting to stay centered and true.
We will ship this horn in a hard-wood box case with enough space to house the split-bell keys; the neck in the photos will be included.