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Early 1970s Vintage Selmer Paris Professional Wood Bass Clarinet - Serial # W1880

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This is an early 1970s vintage Selmer Paris professional bass clarinet to low Eb. This clarinet dates to the Series 9/Series 10 era, so if you really enjoy that series (any many doublers and jazz enthusiasts do), this is a nice example of a bass clarinet to match.


This clarinet has been well cared for and properly maintained by its previous owner. I see no major past damages or repairs, and just typical finish wear on the usual touch points from honest use. The neck piece is in flawless shape, and the bell has just a couple tiny pings and one dent in the curve of the bottom bow. The upper and lower joints do not match serial numbers (W1880 on the top, W2194 on the bottom), but as they are only a couple hundred digits apart, I can only assume this was a manufacturing issue at Selmer Paris at the time, or that the first store that sold the instrument swapped joints due to a crack or other unknown issue. Whatever the case may be, they joints match each other perfect and have obviously been together for a long time.


The previous owner had pads replaced as needed, but it has been some time since the clarinet received a full, professional overhaul, so it will get that needed work in our shop before shipping. We'll take it apart, clean and oil the body, and replace all pads and material. Finally, the instrument will get a finely tuned adjustment, so that it comes to you perfect playing shape.


If you are a sax doubler doing a lot of pit gigs, or really any advancing student wanting an easy blowing, responsive bass clarinet with a big sound, you won't go wrong with this one.