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David Guardala 'King' Silver Plated Laser Trim Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax .115

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Product ID: GuardLTKing115TenGH

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Guardala – King
This is a nice and easy to play Guardala “King” Laser Trim model in silver plate. The tip opening on this piece measures .115”. This is in the zone of an 8* in Otto Link measurements. This mouthpiece does show some history of past play time in the forum of light scratches around the outer body. Its beak and shank as well as the clear bite pad are in good shape. The facing profile shows some finish wear from past use but is physically in very good condition. 
This particular piece has a smooth response to air flow and a very big sound. The “King” is one of the brightest models around but I did not find this piece to be overly brittle or harsh in character. A great piece if you looking for some power and brightness in a loud band.