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Customized 'Standard' Bassoon by Weisberg Systems, LLC

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MSRP: $ 7,050.00
Our Price: $ 6,650.00
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Beautiful and customized


The first professional level student-priced bassoon designed to get a player from beginning band through graduate school and beyond. 

These bassoons are hand selected by Dr. Robert “Dr J” Jordan. Bocals are then tested and individually paired with each bassoon. Renowned Bassoon Technician, Chad E. Taylor, meticulously tunes and voices every bassoon to insure optimal intonation and tonal projection.

  • Molded Hand Finished Wood Composite Body
  • Additional tuning, voicing, and testing for optimal resonance and projection
  • 2 Hand Selected German Made Professional Bocals Lengths #1 and #2
  • Reinforcing Metal bands at Joints
  • Silver Plated Keys
  • Tubes Protruding into the Bore
  • Body Lock
  • Bb Guard
  • Full German Key System
  • High D Key, High E Key
  • Left Hand Whisper Key Lock
  • Rollers for F, Ab, Eb and Db
  • Ring Key for the Left Hand AND Plateau Key for the same Finger
  • Corked Tenons
  • Lightweight Case with rollers
  • Hand Rest, Cup Style Seat Strap, Micro Fiber Swabs and Cloth
  • 1 Professional Bassoon Reed