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Custom Silver Restored Martin TYPEWRITER Alto Sax - Serial # 95504

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Product ID: 95504TypewriterAlto

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This is a gem for any serious saxophone collector wanting something for the collection without breaking the bank: this is a 1929 vintage Martin Handcraft Typewriter series alto sax, serial number 95504. Produced at the height of the typewriter craze, when the machines had gotten cheap enough for average households and demand was high, Martin made this model features typewriter-like pearls on all of the key touches. Colossal mistake, as you can imagine how cumbersome it is try to get around the table keys alone. Only in production for 2 years before being discontinued and replaced, it is now one of the more rare instruments around.

A previous owner put some serious money into restoring this alto. It features new frosty matte silver plate on the body with burnished (shiny) silver played keywork, and is stunning to see in person. The silver has just started to tarnish in between the keys, but can easily be polished up again to shine like new. The work was complimented with gold wash inside the bell, and shiny silver inlayed in the engraving. It really pops. At the time, the sax was also re-padded, but the pads are not sealing well, especially in the lower end, and the sax could use a fresh adjustment, including some attention to the key heights and spring tensions. We are selling it as-is, so know that if you want to try to take this one out on a gig, it will need some attention.

This alto is a true collector's piece and in a condition that you will not often see. Ships with original neck (matching serial number) and in a hard, protective case.