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Custom Restored 'The Martin Tenor' Sax w/ White Pads/Brass Resos - Serial # 204203

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Product ID: 204203MartinTenor

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This is a cool old American-made vintage sax for the pro player on a budget. This is a rebuilt/restored vintage Martin Committee III (“THE MARTIN TENOR”) tenor sax, serial number 204203. This tenor may not be a looker, but it is a monster player and was just restored with custom pads and resonators.


As you can see in the photos, the sax shows moderate lacquer throughout, but doesn't appear to have ever been banged around. There's some past dent work in the bell and a handful of resolders here and there, all from normal wear-and-tear out on the road. The sax does appear to be an old relacquer, but done extremely well. As the photos show, the engraving on the bell is still very crisp and defined. The original neck doesn't appear to have ever been pulled down, and shows the matching serial number stamped in it.


This tenor was recently restored in another pro shop (a good one) and done extremely well, with white pads and machined oversized brass metal resonators. It seals up like a drum and feels fluid and effortless under your fingers. We'll give the sax a quick look-over before shipping just to make sure all is perfect, but as it sits, it is playing up a storm. Huge sound, and great response down in the bell keys, which stays fat as you climb into the palm keys and above. Ballsy horn that won't disappoint!