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Buescher Aristocrat 140 'Big B' Alto in Original Gold Lacquer - AS-IS #330524

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As-Is Original Lacquer - American Vintage
Here we have a Buescher Aristocrat 140 'Big B' alto saxophone in original gold lacquer, serial number #330524. Manufactured throughout the 1940 and 50s, the 140 was part of the 2nd series of aristocrats, specifically of the post WWII era; these horns were for the 'intermediate' market while the pro-line 'Top-Hat Cane' models had different bore dimensions for a bigger sound. The 'Big B' is considered professional level even today as many professionals turn to these horns for their beautiful sound, solid intonation, and lightweight key-action.
This horn has standard chromatic key-work from low Bb up to palm-F, front-F mechanism included. Both upper and lower stacks have real mother-of-pearl key touches, the pinky keys have amber rollers. Each key action is driven by original gold-plated, Norton screw-in springs. The key cups still have all the original snap-on resonators, and the horn utilizes single post construction rather than having any ribbing for upper and lower stacks. The thumb-rest is nickel silver and resides in a comfortable spot above the serial number.
There is some evidence of past repair, a few key-guard feet being pushed in at some point. Almost all the original lacquer remains with a few spots of wear on the bell key-guard feet, the engraving, the neck strap ring, side keys, palm keys, and neck. The neck is not showing any pull-down. Someone has removed the articulated G# lever off the back of the G# so it no longer moves with any of the other table keys as originally intended.
This sax is not currently playing, and is in need of an overhaul, with a bit of body work to straighten the body tube, also to restore the function of the articulated G#. All the pads, corks, and felts are beyond their life-span, the springs are in great shape and the snap-on resonators are still good, so the repair will be fairly straight-forward. If you'd like Saxquest's shop to do the work we've included the option to do so in this listing, please allow for an 10-week turnaround time to complete the repair if you go with this option.
This horn will ship in as-is condition with its original neck in a red leather exterior, hard-wood box case with sturdy latches.