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Beautiful Vintage Keilwerth 'The New King' Alto Sax # 29991 in Silver Plate!

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Product ID: 29991KeilwerthNKAlto

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Exquisite Style -- Silver and Sleek!
This is a vintage Julius Keilwerth New King alto in silver plate with the serial number #29991. This alto is in great condition with almost all its original silver plating present besides a few key touches. There are no resolders apparent on the horn, and there are a few indentations to address on the Eb key guard and the post between the Eb and C tone holes. The older materials on this horn are holding a seal and are playing nicely for the time being, but a full overhaul is suggested as the pads will last much longer before needing attention again, but we are offering this one in as-is condition.
Aside from these blemishes, condition-wise the alto is looking superb. The plastic Keilwerth "J" guard is completely intact as one unit, the neck has no signs of pull down. None of the rolled tone holes have been filed, thankfully, and all the springs seem to be working well.
Sonically this alto has a warm powerful tone that projects especially nicely in the lead register (G above the staff) with very fluid key motion compelling the player to rip arpeggios and scales across the upper and lower stacks with ease. The Keilwerth New King is for a player looking for a horn that makes a statement as much as it can be used as a tool to carve molten hot burning lines through the air.
This saxophone ships with a leather Gap brand case.