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Beautiful Silver Plated Selmer Paris Super Action 80 SII Soprano, Serial #442447

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Product ID: 442447SelmerSIISop

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Selmer SII Soprano
This is fantastic Selmer Paris SII soprano saxophone in silver plate, serial number 442447. The Selmer SII is known as a premium professional instrument. It excels in  a wide variety of musical settings. This one in particular is in great shape and does not look like it has seen a ton of past play time. These sopranos play with a rich and clearly focused quality. The sonic balance on this soprano is excellent from top to bottom. 
Looking over the body of the instrument carefully it does not show any history. There is a few scratches here and there but nothing too serious. It shows no history of major past repair. No re-solders or seriosu dent work. It came into our shop on its original factory pads and set up. The sax looks like it has been carefully handled and well taken care of. But because of the age of all the pads and materials it is due to be re-padded and cleaned up. As such the sax is in line to be overhauled in our shop. This work will include a complete dissemble and cleaning followed by a precise set up and replacement of all the pads, corks and felts. 
This soprano ships out in perfect playing condition with a fresh overhaul from our shop and the original Selmer wood hard case.