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Beautiful Silver Plated Conn New Wonder II Soprano Saxophone, Serial #200982

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Conn NWII Soprano
This is a gorgeous Conn New Wonder II “Chu Berry” vintage soprano saxophone, serial number 20098.  The New Wonder II showcases rolled tone hole construction, oversize thumb hook and a finger nail file G# key. This one in particular has had the silver plate re-finished and some decorative floral engraving was also added. The current silver finish and engraving look stunning. The body is physically in excellent condition and does not show any history of major past repair. No serious body work and no re-solders on its current finish. The body tube, key work, rolled tone holes and bell flare are all in fantastic shape. It should also be noted the key pearls still feel crisp and fresh under the fingers. 
The soprano came into our shop playing down to low Bb through some leaks on a pad job from another shop. It is set-up with very low key heights on leather pads and brown nylon resonators. This Conn has a sweet sonic character and quick response to air flow. The soprano was previously restored several years ago in another shop. Its pads are on the older side and are on the harder side at this time. However, that being said it does not look like they have seen very much play time and are still very clean. Ultimately if you plan on doing a lot of serious playing on this sax it is going to greatly benefit from a professional set-up and having the key heights opened up. 
Because this horn is currently playing as it sits and our long repair line we are offering this sax in as is condition at a lower price. If you love American vintage horns and are looking for something with a special look and a lot of class this Conn New Wonder II is a beautiful choice. 
Ships in as is condition with wood hard case.