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Beautiful Original Silver Vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Alto Saxophone, Serial #30042

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Product ID: 30042SBASilvAlt

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Selmer Paris BA – 1942
Here is a beautiful Selmer Paris Balance Action alto saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 30042. Original silver plated horns in this vintage are a rare find. It is certainly an added bonus to find one as pretty as this one. The body has a super clean look to the finish and shows no history of major past repair. There has never been any notable dent work and there has been zero past re-solders. This sax is also with the original neck. The neck is in perfect condition and has never been pulled down. 
The bell stamping under the Henri Selmer logo reads “Soleagents British Empire EX. Canada, SELMER London.” (picture ) 
The saxophone was overhauled in another shop a few years ago and it looks like it has not seen a lot of use since. It is already starting to show some tarnish from sitting around in the case for a long period of time but we will clean that up once more before it leaves our shop. The last shop to work on it put in a set of white roo pads and over sized custom metal resonators. The pads and resonators are all in outstanding shape. To put the alto into perfect playing condition we are going to do our pro set-up on this alto before it ships out. This will include going through the horn top to bottom and optimizing key heights and regulation. We will also make sure to replace any needed key materials while the sax is apart. 
Before we even photoed this sax Austin stopped by the shop and did some videos for us. This sax is very responsive and features a very rich and very colorful sonic character. The key work is smooth and fluid under the fingers. The key pearls are no longer perfectly concave but are by no means flat or overly worn down. This alto ships out in perfect playing condition with a Saxquest pro set-up and the original Selmer wood hard case.