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Alexander Superial Reeds for Bb Soprano Sax

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Top Performance Sax Reeds - 5 reeds per box


Tom Alexander has devoted years of research in design and extensive professional testing to pursue his dream of creating reeds that offer the highest standards of performance and endurance possible.
Their philosophy from the beginning has been one of trying to follow in the fine tradition of reed manufacturers from the past while at the same time utilizing advancements in technology that have added an element of precision unavailable years ago.
I myself play on Alexander Superial reeds and have always been amazed at how each reed plays identical to the next. No more sifting through an entire box of reeds to find 2 or 3 that work!!!
These reeds have a full centered heart and nicely taped rails. These characteristics help to generate a focused sound that brings out the natural harmonics in your playing. These reeds have an amazing response.