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40s Vintage Fat Body Berg Larsen Hard Rubber Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - Original .085

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Product ID: BergSlant85TenorCV

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This is a 1940s era hard rubber Berg Larsen mouthpiece for the tenor sax. Often called the “long body,” “long table,” or “fat body” Berg, these were the first hard rubber pieces made by Berg Larsen. Still has that iconic bullet chamber though. It has only the facing (85) stamped on it, with no chamber or facing length delineation stamped on it. The Berg name, stamped in a slant on the shank, is very faded with time, but still legible under magnification. Despite its age, this piece is in remarkable physical condition. No cracks or chips, no teeth marks on the beak, and only very light ligature scratches on its body. Remarkably, I think the facing is original, with tip measuring true at .085”. Comes with a matching metal Berg Larsen ligature and plastic cap.