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1959 Vintage Buffet Crampon Paris Grenadilla Wood Bass Clarinet - Serial # 20261

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Product ID: 20261BuffetBassClTC

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This is a 1959 vintage Buffet Crampon Paris professional grenadilla wood bass clarinet, serial number 20261. This clarinet is stamped with the “Academy” name, which means that, at time of production, it had some sort of cosmetic flaw and Buffet sold them at a discount. Of course, after 60 years, all clarinets from this era have some flaws, so doesn't mean so much today! This clarinet will get a full professional cleaning and overhaul from our shop before shipping, and come to you ready to play for a long time to come.


This clarinet shows signs of wear from a lifetime of use, but still has plenty to offer a new owner. It features keywork to low Eb, and while the keys show a good amount of finish wear, nothing is broken or missing, and I see no previous repairs/solders to the keys. The upper and lower joints show matching serial numbers. Top joint is in stellar shape with just typical scratching and a couple tiny nicks. There is currently a crack in the lower joint between the top 2 tone holes. This was repaired at some point, but we're going to take a look at it again to make sure it is sealing right. Minor dings to the neckpiece and bell, but again, we'll address that during our work.


This clarinet will get a complete overhaul from our repair shop before shipping. We'll do the above mentioned dent work, check that previous crack repair, and replace all pads and material. We'll polish the keys and make sure everything is tip-top when you receive it.


Anymore, a pro Buffet bass clarinet is often selling for $5000+. This one, with a little more cosmetic wear on it, can be had for a bargain.