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1940's Vintage SML Rev. B - Standard Tamped Alto in Original Silver Plate #4663

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Our Price: $ 950.00

Product ID: 4663SMLRevBsilAlto

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ORIGINAL Silver Plate
Here we have an SML Rev B. Standard alto saxophone from 1942 in silver plate with a serial number of #4663. These saxophones feature left-side bell keys and an older style table reminiscent of early Selmers and Bueschers. This horn is keyed down to low Bb and up to palm F with a front F mechanism with mother-of-pearl key touches. Includes original neck.
The body of the saxophone is in great physical condition. It does not show any history of major past repair. This saxophone looks like it has not seen much use in sometime as the pads seem to be on the older side and the silver does not look like it has been kept polished over time. As it currently sits it is playing decently but it will ultimately need to be re-padded before it is used for serious playing. You might be able to get by for awhile longer with minimal repairs but an overhaul is recommended.
There is a lot of potential in this horn to a player, as its tone is warm and rich with harmonics while being a free blowing French-made product. SML saxophones play with a bold tone from bottom to top, homogeneously. Players looking to get into a vintage horn at a great price would be very pleased with this horn.
In order to keep the price of this sax at a premium we are selling it playing in as is condition at a premium price.