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1940s Vintage King Zephyr Alto Saxophone in Gold Lacquer #273639

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Product ID: 273639KingZephyrAltGoldLac

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Edgy Vintage Alto AS-IS
Here we have a King Cleveland Zephyr alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial #273639. This sax is currently playing on old pads which look like they need to be replaced, so a full overhaul would do this horn great. However, we are selling this in as-is condition to keep the price low.
The Zephyr once was king's premier model, before the days of the Super 20, its production continued well into the later half of the 20th century. 
At some point this horn was relacquered and in the process the lacquer was not applied properly to the lower stack tone hole area, as a result a pink discoloration is forming through the lacquer. This doesn't appear to be red rot, the discoloration actually can scrape off and is topographical. The engraving is a bit faded, small dents and dings throughout the horn, a bit of pull down on the neck, and a body tube bend.
The horn plays, but the pads are too old to hold a reliable seal, the felts and corks are quite compressed, and the key fit is a bit loose as well. Ultimatley the horn will need to be completely overhauled before it is ready for any serious playing. 
Players love the tight and bright sound this sax makes, very much in line with how kings sound. We are going to offer this sax in as-is condition with the original neck.
If you're a repair tech or have one in mind this would be a good way to get into a Zephyr at a low price.