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1940s Vintage King Zephyr Alto Saxophone in Gold Lacquer #273624

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Product ID: 273624KingZephyrAltoGoldLac

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King Cleveland As-Is Special
Here we have a vintage King Cleveland Zephyr Alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number #273624. This alto is playing on a very old set of pads with leaks. We are offering it in as-is condition.
The King Zephyr at this point had just begun its second updated series after the second world war came to a close. The updates are mainly key-work shape and engraving. These horns have a double socket neck, chromatic key-work from low Bb to palm F, front-F mechanism included, the neck-strap ring has 3 options of placement, hard rubber rollers for the table keys, mother-of-pearl key touches for the upper and lower stacks, and right side bell keys.
This horn is in solid condition physically, the bow has some indentations and crazing in the lacquer, and the lacquer is wearing off in a few places around the tone holes in the lower stack. The bell engraving is faded from a past relacquer job, but across the horn there are no obvious blemishes besides in the bow and lower stack. The neck is not showing signs of being pulled-down.
This horn is fun to play for sure, but it could use an overhaul to replace all its pads, corks, felts, springs, and tighten its key fit. If you're a repair tech or have one in mind this would be a good way to get into a Zephyr at a lower price.