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1934 Vintage C.G. Conn 6M 'Naked Lady' in Original Gold Lacquer #261302 AS-IS

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Prime Conn Vintage - Repair Tech Special
Pictured above is a C.G. Conn 6M alto saxophone in gorgeous original gold lacquer from 1934, serial number 261302. This is C.G. Conn's most iconic model of saxophone, most notably known for its bell engraving featuring a small portrait of a woman and long arching music note pillars in the background. This alto does not play, and looks to have a very old set of pads on it, an overhaul is suggested to restore this iconic American beauty back to proper playing condition.
Featuring chromatic key work from low Bb to palm-F, this was Conn's professional model of the mid 1930s and beyond. At this point there were no transitioning horn parts left from the New Wonder Series II, so no more back-door Eb, just a trill G# key for the right hand, a front F key for the left hand. The double-socket, micro-tuner neck is missing its cork, and does not turn freely. The left hand pinky keys have an updated modern look to them with real mother-of-pearl rollers, these are found on the right hand pinky keys. The octave key's thumb rest, the upper and lower stacks all have pearls as well. A nickel silver ergonomically enhanced thumb rest for your right hand stands out and is very supportive. All the tone holes are rolled as was standard for conn until 1948.
Sonically, these 6M saxes have a big sound that can be lush in lower dynamics while edgy and cutting in the louder dynamics. With new pads, and added resonators, and a few blued-steel needle-spring replacements, this sax will be able to achieve all this and more.
Physically, the body is in great shape, the original lacquer is showing spots of wear specifically on the keys, but little spots across the horn have missing lacquer. The Eb, and C key guards are the most noticeable resolders. Most of the springs are in great condition while the pads, corks, and felts are falling off or overcompressed. Again an overhaul is suggested.
Repair folks would have a straight ahead overhaul with a few respring situations, the neck mechanism needs to be freed up. After that it'll be a great addition to a collection, or to gig on. Jazz players have saught after this saxophone in specifically this era for generations for its powerful, commanding sound which dominates the jazz club.
We will be shipping this saxophone in as-is condition with its original neck and a plastic black case that can hold horns with left side bell keys.