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1932 Vintage Martin Handcraft Imperial Tenor Saxophone in Gold Lacquer #106383

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Product ID: 106383MartinHcraftImpTenGoldLacTC

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Solid Intermediate Vintage Horn
Pictured above is a vintage Martin Handcraft Imperial tenor saxophone in gold lacquer with nickel-silver keys, serial number #106383. This saxophone is on old pads, they've reached the end of their life span and need to be replaced, along with most of the springs. It needs an overhaul and yet, this horn can still seal enough for a bit of a play test at the moment.
Martin had a bit of confusing rebranding at different periods, so before the days of the famed 'Skyline' there existed the 'Handcraft Standard' and 'Handcraft Imperial' professional line saxes. 
The Imperial model stands out from the Standard with its nickel-silver accented key-work, and its front-side placement of the trill Eb/D# tone hole in the lower stack. Otherwise, this is a very standard Martin horn for the early 1930s: 
-Chromatic key-work from low Bb up to palm-F
-Three side keys and an F# chromatic option in the right hand
-Real mother-of-pearl key touches for both upper and lower stacks
-Front-F mechanism for extending into the altissimo register
-Left hand pinky keys have an articulated G#
-Lightweight key work for upper and lower stacks
Physically, the horn is beautiful in an olive-gold factory re-lacquer job, sporting only a few resolders. The body tube and bell are in great condition, with only a few dings showing in the bow. The way the nickel silver emerges out of the key cups, bow, and single post construction is very eye catching.
Sonically, this horn plays huge in the lower register, reminiscent of a 10M but tighter. Usually Martins play with an essence of brilliance, but this one is definitely on the darker side. After a solid overhaul this one will play fuller and a bit more free blowing but not necessarily brighter.
We are going to ship this horn in as-is condition in a Yamaha purple box-case that has room for left side bell keys.