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1924 Vintage King H.N. White Saxello In Silver #72233

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Here we have a King Saxello made by the H.N. White company in pulchritudinous silver plate, serial number #72233. The Saxello model stands out because of its 90-degree tipped-bell, curved-neck slender design. These features are so unique, sax collectors you can almost spot one a mile away. This one is playing great currently, there are a few pads that look older, but the horn is sealing immaculately.
The Saxello comes with chromatic key-work from low Bb up to palm F, no front-F mechanism included. There are standard side Bb, C, and high E keys in the right hand. Something interesting to note is the low C key actually manipulates two key-cups simultaneously. The bell keys are somewhat small by design but overall it's a free-blowing instrument.
Sonically, these horns are bright with a wonderful vintage warmth. In general these saxes are pretty hard to tune if you're used to modern sopranos (designed 1980 and later about), but this one plays centered enough you should be able to learn it with a bit of practice against a drone.
Physically, this horn was restored at another shop. In the restoration the horn was re-plated in a combination of burnished and matte silver. The engraving is a bit faded at this point, but you can still discern what it says clearly. The body and bell are still rounded nicely, this was a fine, well-kept horn before the restoration job so this saxophone's form was preserved.
We will ship this horn in as-is condition with a box-style hardwood carrying case that has purple upholstery, shaped to fit a Saxello.