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1923 Vintage HN White Model King Alto Sax in Original Silver - Serial # 63400

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This is a very early H.N. White model King alto sax in original silver plate, serial number 63400. This horn dates way back to 1923, long before King came out with their famous Super 20 and Zephyr lines (and even before the King Voll-True!). It was restored by its previous owner and is a cool old horn for players and collectors of the early American-made saxophones.


You would never guess this horn was 100 years old by looking at it. The original silver plating is 98-99% intact, with no major wear of note. It looks incredible from top to bottom, with no dents or signs of previous damage/repair. The original neck (with matching serial number) has never been pulled down or beat around. Great looking sax.


This alto was repadded in another shop, and pads are all in really great shape. There are a couple minor leaks down in the bottom range, but it plays surprisingly well. It has a darker tone with a strong core and has with a sweet, warm tone. Keywork is a bit antiquated by today's standards, but that's part of the fun of playing these old horns.