Vintage King by HN White Silver Plate C Melody Saxophone, Serial #86001

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Product ID: 86001KingCMel

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King H.N. White Model – 1926
This is a 1920's vintage King made by the H.N. White Co. C-Melody saxophone in silver plate, serial #86001. Physically, the body of this sax is just about as clean as you are going to find on a pre 1930's sax. Looking over it, there does not seem to be any signs of major past repair. The body tube, bow, bow cap, bell and bell flare are all in fantastic condition. Its key work and all of the guards are also in outstanding condition.  These models feature key work to high palm F and front F. They also have a trill G# key, back door Eb key and a G# pad cup located on the back side of the body tube. The original neck is also included with this sax and is in good shape. 
Because it has been a long time since the sax has seen any service or serious amount of use it is going to need a thorough overhaul before it is ready for any playing. It is not currently playing.
Due to the excellent physical condition of the sax and its early vintage this saxophone is perhaps an ideal item for a collector of American instruments. If you have an experienced repair tech in mind it could be made to play again once it was overhauled. All done up these horns are a blast to play and have a lot of character. At this time we have a lot of great instruments and not enough time to work on everything. So we are selling this one in particular in as is condition. 
Ships with vintage King wood hard box case.