Vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder I Nickel Plated C-Melody Saxophone, Serial #106011

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Conn New Wonder
This is a fine example of a Conn New Wonder C-Melody saxophone in original nickel plate, serial number 106011. The body and neck on the sax are about as clean as it gets. There is no history of serious past repair or abuse. This sax has never seen any solder repair. The saxophone includes all of the original key work and guards. Its original neck is also in great shape with micro tuner. The Micro tuner is also in good shape and is fully functional.  
This sax came into our shop playing up a storm on a slightly older re-pad from another shop. The pads are starting to get hard but are still clean and have a decent amount of life in them. If you are going to be putting a lot of play time on this horn you will ultimately want to get some set up work done on it before it can be considered in perfect playing condition. Because it is currently playing nicely we are selling it in as is condition at a lower price point. 
The New Wonder features key work from low Bb to high F with a front F key. It also has rolled tone hole construction, back door Eb key and trill G# in the bottom stack. These horns are a blast to play and are quite free blowing. Due to the earlier vintage of this saxophone it does take some effort to control the intonation. But that is part of the charm on these old C-Melodies. 
Ships in as is condition with original Conn wood hard case and a hard rubber babbit blank mouthpiece for C-Melody.