Very Early Vintage C.G. Metal Double Wall Clarinet, High Pitch - Serial #1766 - 1895

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High Pitch - Albert System
Here we have a unique instrument, a C.G. Conn 'The Wonder' metal clarinet, serial #1776. This clarinet from 1895 and has Albert system fingering down to low E. Its consists of double-wall brass construction with a heavy nickel-plate finish. It is a high pitch instrument. 
For a clarinet from 1895 (the first official year of C.G. Conn production in Elkhart, IN) this antique clarinet is in fantastic condition, showing some plate wear on a few of the tone holes and key touches while the majority of the instrument is fully plated. 
After restoring and play testing the clarinet we discussed the possibility of this clarinet being intentionally pitched in the key of B. (there is also a B stamp on the bell) While this is not impossible, we can not find evidence that a clarinet in B was ever made by Conn. So it is most likely a Bb clarinet in high pitch.  The clarinet sounds a B when you finger and play a C. 
There are a few things to note about such an early instrument, the bore of the barrel is too small to accept modern mouthpieces, it measures 0.885"/21.72mm. We have a Claude Lakey Bruno Bb clarinet mouthpiece that has been filed down and fits nicely, it will be included with the purchase.
The clarinet was recently put back into playing condition in our shop. The overhaul included cleaning and replacement of all the springs, pads, corks and felts. It is now outfitted with Valentino synthetic pads as well as predominantly synthetic felts and corks. The Bb trill key touch has been replaced. It should be noted there are a few dents that could not be removed because of the double wall construction on this instrument. The springs were set to allow for a light and fast response. 
For historic collectors this is a great addition. It plays with a rich spread sound with ample projection. Due to its vintage and that it is a high pitch instrument this clarinet is most ideal for the serious collector and less so for professional use in modern situations. 
Instrument ships with a usable non original mouthpiece. Does not have an original case but it will ship in a new Protec Max case.