Original Silver CG Conn 'Chu Berry' Curved Soprano Saxophone - Serial # 185171

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Product ID: 185171ConnChuCurved

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This is a sweet original silver plated CG Conn “Chu Berry” era curved soprano saxophone, serial number 185171. This soprano has been well cared for and shows only light typical playing wear for its age, nearly 100 years old. It could use a fresh regulation, but pads are in great shape and it is priced to move.


This horn looks great, with a solid 90%+ original silver intact, and has the original gold wash in the bell too. There's a bit of minor past dent work on the attached curved neck and the low C keyguard has been resoldered, but I see no major past damages or repairs. Pads are still in excellent condition and don't appear to have much playing time on them, but the keywork/action is starting to get that “broken in” feel and there's some leaks going on somewhere, so the sax could stand to get a fresh adjustment. With our repair shop backed up for months, we are offering this one as-is at a lower price, leaving you room to get that work done.


A curved soprano isn't for everything, but I personally have always liked how they sound “more like a saxophone,” as opposed to their straight cousins. A lot of that is just perception, since, to the player, the sound is coming back at you like a traditional alto or tenor, instead of directed down, but in my head it always feels like going home. This soprano has a sweet, lush sound, very clean and pure sounding. Ships in its original hard case.