Original Lacquer, Recently Repadded King Super 20 Alto Saxophone - Serial # 388475

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Our Price: $ 3,800.00

Product ID: 388475Super20Alto

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This is a very nice condition King Super 20 alto sax, serial number 388475. This original lacquer horn looks great and features a recent pro overhaul. It will get a fresh set up from our shop before shipping, and is a tremendous option for players looking for a Cleveland era Super 20 that hasn't been beat around.


As you can see in the photos, this sax is still in amazing condition. The “front” of the sax shows little lacquer wear; in fact, much of the original factory lacquer overspray is still intact on the nickel key touches. This is usually long worn off by now. The back of the sax shows more moderate lacquer wear on the bell and near the neckstrap ring, but all purely cosmetic. There are no dents and no resolders. The original sterling silver neck has never been pulled down or damaged.


This sax has a recent pad job, with premium firm leather pads and seamless metal resonators. The action feels great with a precise touch. To make sure the sax meets our standards, it will go through our repair shop before shipping, where we'll do a final cleaning and replace any material deemed necessary.


I really love these post- pearl side key horns, for the value they offer players looking for the vintage Super 20 sound at a lower price. It retains that same kind of presence you want on a top shelf King Super 20, with big projection and an edge that cuts. A powerful sounding horn that you can push hard.