Original Gold Plated Conn Chu Alto Sax with Unique Portrait Engraving - Serial # 155420

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Product ID: 155420ConnChuAlto

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Here at Saxquest, we always enjoy seeing something we've never seen before, and often these come in the form of the unique engraving patterns seen on the old Conn saxes of the 1920's. This is one such example: a 1925 vintage Conn New Wonder II “Chu Berry” with a portrait style engraving that we'd never seen before.


This alto has all the features of a Conn of this era: rolled tone holes (all in perfect shape), fingernail file G#, trill G#, and microtuner neck (currently frozen, will need to be disassembled and cleaned). The sax was originally gold plated as portrait models were, but it shows a fair amount of wear to the original gold plating, as seen in the photos. The portrait on the bell is what stands out; it appears to show a newly disrobed cherub-like creature holding a masquerade style mask.


This alto has had all pads and material removed and is prepped for a repad. Springs are still intact, but we have not strength tested them, so some may need to be replaced. There's some past dent work in the bottom bow, and the top receiver on the horn appears to have popped off and been resoldered at some point. There are no other previous repairs that I can see. If you have a bench at home and want to give it a go to repad it yourself, it is ready to go for you, and should be about as straight forward as they go. Ships in its original case, which is in rough shape, but it will get the sax to you safely.