New P. Mauriat Master 97 Soprano Sax - Dual Alloy, Straight and Curved Necks

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The Elite Professional Soprano by P. Mauriat
Saxquest is thrilled to present the Master 97 professional model soprano saxophone by P. Mauriat. The new Master 97 is constructed with heavily engraved yellow brass body and two rose brass necks with sterling silver octave pips. The outstanding construction of the 97 with the addition of sterling silver octave pips provide an overall warmer sound for a complex dark sonic character. 
The Master 97 is an extremely smooth handling instrument under the fingers. Some stand out features of the key work include; large curve on the side high E key, modified tear drop front F touchpiece, high F# key (high G available as special order), straight neck and curved neck. In comparison to the System 76 by P. Mauriat the Master 97 has a deeper, fuller, darker sound palette. 
Every P. Mauriat sax we sell does come with our full set up, which includes a complete regulation and adjustment. We thoroughly play-test every instrument after the set up, to insure the saxophone is in perfect playing condition. The sax includes manufactures warranty and 1 year service warranty from Saxquest shop. Ships in perfect playing condition with case and outfit. 
We are very excited to have these great horns available. Please visit P. Mauriat's website at