New Keilwerth SX90 DLS Dave Liebman Signature Soprano Sax

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Dave Liebman Signature Soprano by Julius Keilwerth

Saxquest is thrilled to present the SX90-DLS Dave Liebman soprano saxophone by Julius Keilwerth. This soprano was developed through a collaboration of Dave Liebman and the Keilwerth team.  The SX90 DLS is a cutting edge soprano saxophone which features specifications and designs set by Mr. Liebman, and this is his Signature Series edition.

These sopranos have a larger bore dimension which allows for a bigger more enriched sound very warm in color. The enlarged side keys in the right hand also make it possible for you to play the alternate F# and high F# key with the inner side of your fingers in addition to the traditional fingering method. The SX-90 DLS also includes a number of cork pads in areas traditionally occupied by leather. Cork pads allow for a more positive feel and longer lasting durability. The cork pads are a huge positive for the performance of the soprano, especially in the upper register where things can be more suspect for difficulty. Like all SX models by Keilwerth these sopranos also features adjustable palm keys.

This is a tremendous player, I can easily say it is one of the very best playing sopranos on the market today. It has a full sweet sound and is extremely free blowing and responsive, and intonation is superb!! Check out the video below of Ben Reece playing this horn!

Please Note: this saxophone is available as a SPECIAL ORDER only.