Early Vintage Buffet-Crampon Low-Eb Bass Clarinet #19629

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Product ID: 19629BCPreR13BassClarTC

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Great Doubler's Horn - Repair Tech Special
Here we have an early Buffet-Crampon pre-R13 bass clarinet, keyed down to low Eb, serial #19629. This instrument was made approximately in 1951, has nickel-silver keys, a solid nickel bell, and is constructed from grenadilla wood.
This one seems to have a lot of repair history across it top to bottom. The top joint has had many posts removed and placed back in with various materials, as well as had a crack filled and pinned at the top. The wood has texturing from scratches across both joints. The lower joint has had fewer posts redone, but there are two large cracks that have been filled in the top of this joint. The nickel bell has an indentation along the bow brace.
Aside from the tarnishing of the nickel silver, and extensive repair history, this bass clarinet is still playing on a very old set of pads. An overhaul is suggested to restor this instrument to its top playing condition, but to keep the costs down we are going to offer it in as-is playing condition.
Sonically, this clarinet plays with a full warm lower, chalameau, register. The lowest note, Eb, is freeblowing and full. Ascending through the clarion register is easy with the double register key mechanism linked to the G/D key in the right hand, altissimo register is as easy and freeblowing.
Doublers looking for a bass clarinet at a low price would enjoy this horn for a while before the materials start failing.
We will be offering this bass clarinet in as-is condition and a black bass clarinet hardwood case with a plush blue interior.