Buescher Aristocrat Series I Tenor in BEAUTIFUL Original Gold Lacquer #288786

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Here we have a beautiful, original lacquer, 1939 Buescher series I Aristocrat, serial number #288786. This horn has a few blemishes prominent and isn't playing reliably at the moment, it could use a full overhaul to replace all the pads, clean it up, put on new materials, and get the key actions moving fluidly.
These Aristocrats are known for their spread and smooth tone that can handle a variety of applications. There is an added edge that appears in the louder dynamics, so in traditionally loud bands (blues, rock, prog, funk, fusion, RnB, dance music) you'll still be able to hold your own given your mouthpiece is appropriate for the volume.
Physically, this horn shows some past damage, the bell-body brace is pushed into the body and bell, it has also been resoldered on the bell side. A few other spots show they've been resoldered as well, but mostly the bow and bell have been reshaped at some point, with even a few dents more waiting to be worked out. Other than this, the rest of the horn seems to be in relatively good condition, the neck has a little bit of pull down. The original lacquer is still smooth, with a reddish cognac glow across most of the horn! All the original norton screw-back, gold-plated steel needle-springs are present and in great shape, just polish up and they're ready to go.
Our repair shop is back-logged, working on other fine vintage and modern instruments, so we are offering the Buescher Aristocrat in as-is condition with an option to add an overhaul with your purchase. With the added repair option, you get a full Saxquest overhaul with an 8-10 week turn around, and at a great discount!
We will ship this horn in its original hardwood Buescher brand case with the original neck.